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Here is a team-by-team breakdown of every instance of an NFL team wearing white at home during the 2018 season:

Teams not listed did not wear white at home in any game

49ers: Week 7 vs Rams (Color Rush).

Bills: Week 12 vs Jaguars (throwbacks).

Browns: Week 1 vs Steelers (white pants/orange socks), Week 6 vs Chargers (white pants/brown socks), Week 14 vs Panthers (white pants/orange socks).

Buccaneers: Week 2 vs Eagles (white pants/pewter socks), Week 7 vs Browns (white pants/pewter socks), Week 10 vs Redskins (pewter pants/pewter socks), Week 12 vs 49ers (white pants/red socks).

Chargers: Week 1 vs Chiefs, Week 4 vs 49ers (both in white pants).

Cowboys: All home games including Week 13 vs Saints (white Color Rush), except for Week 9 (MNF) vs Titans (navy jerseys/white pants).

Dolphins: Week 1 vs Titans, Week 3 vs Raiders, Week 6 vs Bears, Week 7 vs Lions (all in white pants).

Jaguars: Week 3 vs Titans (teal pants), Week 4 vs Jets (white pants).

Jets: Week 6 vs Colts.

Panthers: Week 1 vs Cowboys, Week 3 vs Bengals, Week 5 vs Giants (all in white pants).

Rams: Week 2 vs Cardinals, Week 3 vs Chargers.

Ravens: Week 1 vs Bills (white pants).

Saints: Week 5 vs Redskins (black pants), Week 11 vs Eagles (Color Rush).

Texans: Week 3 vs Giants.

Titans: Week 2 vs Texans (navy pants), Week 4 vs Eagles (navy pants), Week 16 vs Redskins (Columbia blue pants).

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