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Since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger, the NFL's television contracts have stipulated that Sunday Afternoon games be broadcast based on the conference of the visiting team. Games in which the road team was from the AFC were on NBC (1970-1997) and CBS (1998-present), while games in which the road team was from the NFC were on CBS (1970-1993) and FOX (1994-present).

In 2006, the NFL introdouced "Flex Scheduling" which permitted late season games during designated weekends featuring better matchups to be moved from the afternoon to NBC Sunday Night Football and a primetime audience, while less desirable matchups could be moved from the national primetime slot to a regional broadcast in the afternoon. In 2011, after one such switch involving an afternoon game with an NFC road team moving from FOX to NBC, while replacing an AFC game which would go from NBC to CBS, the league decided to move a game featuring Denver and Minnesota from CBS to FOX. This move would be the precursor to "crossflexing" which would begin a few years later.

2011 Week 13
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In 2014, the NFL began flexing games between CBS and FOX as needed in order to balance out the schedule or to provide the best matchups possible to the viewing audiences.

Here are all games that have been crossflexed by the NFL:

  • 2014 Crossflexed Games
  • 2015 Crossflexed Games

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