The Gridirion Uniform Database Simulation League

What is the GUD Simulation League?

The Gridiron Uniform Database Simulation League (GSL) is a virtual football league.
Each team is owned by a single individual, who is in charge of the team logos, wordmarks, uniform design, and field design.
Each team is randomly assigned an offensive and defensive strength, which is used to simulate game outcomes.
Games are simulated automatically on the date of the game, and scores are posted after the conclusion of the game (all game times are US Eastern time).

How can I join the GSL?

The GSL will be accepting proposals for new franshises for the 2022 season starting September 1, 2021.
If you are interested in becoming an owner of a GSL franchise, please contact us at, giving your name as the franchise owner, a city to base your team, and a team name, to be given primary approval.
Team's must be based in major metropolitan areas of the US or Canada, and must be based in a stadium with a minimum capacity of 20,000 (think stadiums that would host teams in an XFL sized league).
For the 2022 season, the league has released a list of pre-approved home cities for new teams to choose from.
Once you have given your intent to own a GSL franchise, you must provide team logos, wordmarks, uniforms, and a field design (or designs), to be given secondary approval.
You can send us logos, uniforms, and fields on any template you like, as long as they are .png files.
All uniform and field images will be converted to the standard GUD templates after approval.
The GUD can provide the field template image, but we are not making the full resolution uniform template available to the public.
If you're not interested in making your own team designs, you can request that other GSL members design your team's uniforms and field, if you'd like, or, you can choose to own an existing GSL team that does not have an owner for the 2022 season (see available teams below).

NOTE: Once your team's logos/wordmarks/uniforms/fields have been put on the site, and you approve them, the submission is final.
If you want to make updates to your team after this point, you will have to wait until the following GSL season.
It takes a good amount of time to get teams' images up on the site, so making changes to an already submitted team takes time away from other teams, and other work for the GUD.

After secondary approval, there is a final step for admission into the league.
Becoming an owner in the GSL requires a donation to the Gridiron Uniform Database of $20, for each calendar year there is a GSL season. (This amount may be different for returning owners)
When the donation is sent may impact admission into the GSL, as we will take the first owners to donate until the league reaches 32 paid teams.
Why does a GSL franchise require a donation? Frankly, we need it to keep the site running.
As the site has become more popular, it has become more expensive to host.
All donations are strictly used for paying our hosting fees, and domain fees, as we at the GUD strongly commit to keeping the site not for profit.
The donation amount of owning a GSL franchise may fluctuate from year to year (but never more than $20), depending on our financial situation.
We hope that you, as fans of the GUD, can understand why owning a GSL franchise requires a donation, and we hope the GSL can provide a good return for franchise owners.

Cities and team names taken for 2022 season

The following cities and team names have been claimed for the upcoming 2022 season (note, these may change based on relocations of current franchises):

 CityTeam NameOwnerNotes
 AlbuquerqueAtomsGreg SeherConfirmed returning for 2022
 ArizonaEaglesAlex ZenzolaConfirmed returning for 2022
 AtlantaFlying FleetRob HoleckoConfirmed returning for 2022
 BaltimoreBluebirdsCasey SnelickConfirmed returning for 2022
 BirminghamOwlsNolan Lafrance2022 Expansion Team
 BostonBobcatsDustin Ehle2022 Expansion Team
 CarolinaReapersRichard BronishConfirmed returning for 2022
 ChicagoMaroonsGeorges Langer2022 Expansion Team
 CincinnatiKnightsRyan KneppConfirmed returning for 2022
 ColoradoCabrasSpencer GillardConfirmed returning for 2022
 DallasRegulatorsJason Thyrion2022 Expansion Team
 JacksonvilleCaptainsBen ClossConfirmed returning for 2022
 Kansas CityBuffaloesFrank Duarte2022 Expansion Team
 Las VegasOutlawsAustin SnelickConfirmed returning for 2022
 Los AngelesExpressGreg SeherClaimed by an owner for 2022
 LouisianaRoyalsKeven GreyClaimed by an owner for 2022
 LouisvilleLightningDamon Richmond IIConfirmed returning for 2022
 MemphisDemonsJayson JonesConfirmed returning for 2022
 MiamiSolJohn NelsonConfirmed returning for 2022
 New YorkCityHawksSteven Dolomengi2022 Expansion Team
 OaklandIconsAJ HuseConfirmed returning for 2022
 PennsylvaniaKeystonesZachary VoughtConfirmed returning for 2022
 PortlandSamuraisRafael MenoncinConfirmed returning for 2022
 Salt LakeTrappersAndrew SeagravesConfirmed returning for 2022
 San AntonioTexansEthan GuevaraConfirmed returning for 2022
 San DiegoBreakersSteven CrawfordConfirmed returning for 2022
 SeattleSockeyesTim DixonConfirmed returning for 2022
 St. LouisBrewersThomas ChristianoClaimed by an owner for 2022
 TorontoTerrorCurtis PeddleConfirmed returning for 2022
 VancouverBearsDennis Lopez2022 Expansion Team
 WashingtonStarsPatrick BarnesConfirmed returning for 2022
 WisconsinStagsPatrick DavisConfirmed returning for 2022

What is required of a GSL team owner?

As a GSL franchise owner, you are responsible for the logos, wordmarks, uniforms, and field graphics for your team.
You cannot use existing logos for your team (we will check via google reverse image search); logos must be original.
During the season, you will need to provide a uniform schedule for each game your team plays, so your team's uniform can be displayed for each game.
Also, you will need to provide a field design schedule for your team, if your team uses multiple field designs.
If you don't provide a uniform or field schedule, GUD members will choose your team's uniform and field design on game day.

It looks like there are no games scheduled right now; when will the next season start?

The GSL is currently in the 2021/2022 offseason.
Tentatively, the start date for the 2022 GSL season will likely have the first week of games scheduled to start Thursday February 17, 2022, as the returning Gridiron Bowl Champions, the Arizona Eagles, take on a yet to be determined opponent.
This date is subject to change, based on changes in the NFL schedule, but the GSL is planned to start one week after Super Bowl LVI.

When is the deadline for applying for a GSL franchise to be included in the next season?

The GSL is planning an expansion to 32 teams for the 2022 season.
Registration for the 2022 GSL season will begin September 1, 2021.
If you would like to be a part of the 2022 GSL season, you will need to complete your initial application by January 1, 2022, before the league reaches 32 paid teams.
Your team logos, wordmarks, uniforms, and fields must all be complete and approved by January 10, 2022, before the league reaches 32 paid teams.
Lastly, your GSL franchise fee (in the form of a GUD donation of $20) must be received by January 10, 2022, before the league reaches 32 paid teams.
On January 10, 2022, no more teams will be accepted into the GSL for the 2022 season, as we need time to set the league schedule, convert all team images to the GUD templates, and prepare the website for the season.

How often will GSL seasons take place?

As of now, there is a second season planned for 2022, with plans to expand the league to 32 teams.
Future seasons are expected to start one week after the Super Bowl and end in early August, but no season after the 2022 season is guaranteed to take place.

Further questions? Contact us.

If you have any further questions regarding the GSL, please contact us at