GSL Names Possible Expansion / Relocation Cities for 2022 Season

GSL Names Expansion/Relocation Cities for 2022

The GSL has announced today publicly via their website the possible cities for expansion teams for the 2022 season, or relocation cities for existing teams. The GSL will be accepting applications for expansion teams starting September 1, 2021. Prior to that, current GSL franchises are able to submit an application for relocation up through August 30, 2021.

There are a total of eleven cities eligible for a team in 2022, although, some of these cities have requirements attached to them, as not all cities will be able to gain a new team for the 2022 season. So let's break these down...

Cities required to have a team in 2022.
Dallas, TX

With the Dallas Diesel making their intentions clear that they will be submitting a relocation application, one of the country's larger markets will be left without a team. Stadium conflicts at AT&T Stadium during the 2021 season were the main catalyst for the Diesels decision to make a move for 2022. Officials at AT&T stadium have stated that the stadium situation could be scheduled better if a team returns to play games there in 2022, but, we may see the Cotton Bowl as the primary option for a new GSL franchise in Dallas.

Cities conditionally required to have a team in 2022.
Boston, MA
Chicago, IL
Minneapolis, MN
New York, NY
Portland, OR
Vancouver, BC

The conditions attached to these potential GSL cities, is that there are pairs of cities in which the GSL would like to place at least one franchise.

These city pairs are as follows:
Boston and/or New York
Chicago and/or Minneapolis
Portland and/or Vancouver

With these conditions in place, the GSL would be able to add another team in three major regions of the continent, in the metropolitan north east, in the upper midwest, and in the pacific northwest, with the potential to add another team in the Canadian market, which the GSL really has its eyes on.

Cities with no conditions.
Birmingham, AL
Charlotte, NC
Kansas City, MO
Oklahoma City, OK

These last four cities aren't attached to any conditions, other than, a team can't be placed in any of these cities, if the above conditions are not met. One city on this list stands out, and that's Charlotte. Rumors and leaks have signaled that the Norfolk Commanders are on the move, and Charlotte is the only city so far that has any validity. It's within the Commanders current market, and is a larger metropolitan area. The city has been pulling for a GSL team since the middle of last season, and despite success, the Commanders attendance numbers have not been great, making a move to Charlotte a good choice. No relocation application has been filed to this point by Norfolk.

The GSL does note that this list is subject to change, given what happens in the relocation period. As of today, there are only two teams rumored to be leaving their city, Dallas and Norfolk. The GSL does not have a list at this time of teams which will be leaving the league, therefore opening other opportunities for new owners and expansion teams. At this time, there are seven available slots for expansion teams (the Salt Lake Trappers are the league's 25th team, who took on a development role last season).

Austin Snelick
July 21, 2021