Louisville Lightning Refresh

Louisville Lightning Refresh

Yesterday was a big day for GSL uniform news with the offseason now underway. The Miami Sol, Louisville Lightning, and Carolina Reapers all released new team designs, with logo updates and uniform changes, with Memphis planning to release their new designs as they change their name to the Memphis Demons. Today we’ll give the Louisville Lightning the spotlight.

The changes for the Lightning may look minor to the untrained eye, but there are some key updates that help clean up the look, and bring consistency across an already top notch GSL uniform set. One major difference between this year and last, is what’s not included in the uniform set. The royal blue alternate helmet from last year is gone, with just the single cream helmet remaining, keeping some consistency across all eight uniform sets.

Now down to the nitty gritty of more subtle changes. A big financial change is the uniform supplier. It seems Nike is quickly snatching up contracts for GSL teams, as the Lightning, Reapers, and reportedly the Demons have all inked deals with the uniform supplier for 2022, with more teams expected to follow. Back to the uniform itself, we see “Louisville United” in the collar of most jerseys for 2022. The addition of the GSL logo to the pants is also a small change. The logo isn’t required for teams, but more teams are starting to add the logo at least somewhere on their uniforms.

Next we move to a fan favorite uniform, the Storm Navy set.This uniform is a call back to the pre-GSL Lightning, with navy used in place of the royal blue. This set maintains consistency with the rest of the Lightning’s uniforms, with some minor differences. These being the striped socks, “Storm Navy” inside the collar, and the “Lightning” wordmark on the chest, in place of the script “L”.

The rest of the team logo and wordmark designs only received minor updates, if at all, other than the inclusion of a new roundel logo, which will be seen on the field this coming season.The Lightning also released 5 new field designs for 2022 yesterday.

The complete Louisville Lightning team designs can be seen on their GSL team page: https://www.gridiron-uniforms.com/GSL/controller/controller.php?action=team-history&team_id=LSV.

Austin Snelick
August 10, 2021