Introducing the Carolina Reapers

Introducing the Carolina Reapers

Entering the back half of the 2021 season, the Norfolk Commanders were on a hot streak. The team was showing great success on the field, which would later lead them to en Eastern Conference Championship. The local fan, however, did not show the enthusiasm expected for such a successful hometown team. The attendance numbers for the Commanders were in the bottom 5 in the league in 2021, with their highest attendance number coming on the Eastern Sunday bout with the Washington Stars, with the crowd being more heavily in favor of the visiting Stars. After this game, the city of Charlotte began a campaign to pull the GSL to the city for expansion in 2022, but the real prize would be getting an established team, like the Commanders. Norfolk and Atlanta were the two closest teams to the Charlotte area in 2021, but given the Commanders success, and the Flying Fleet’s abysmal atrocities which they tried to pass off as football, many fans turned to the Commanders.

As the 2021 season came to a close, it was clear that the Commanders would be leaving Norfolk. After the loss in the Gridiron Bowl to the Arizona Eagles, the GSL made the official announcement that the Commanders would be leaving Norfolk, under a new name. The Choice to move to Charlotte was easy, as a fan base had already been established, and the city was looking to get in on the GSL action. Born in the move were the Carolina Reapers, named for the Carolina Reaper pepper, one of the hottest peppers in the world. The name is already taking off with the fans, and is a great tie into the area. The Carolina name not only fits in well with Reapers, but it appeals to the larger Carolina region, outside of the city of Charlotte.

This Monday, the team released designs for their inaugural season as the Carolina Reapers. Let’s dive in.

The logo resembles a Carolina Reaper pepper, as you would expect, with the face of a Reaper. The secondary logo depicts both North and South Carolina overlaying crossed scythes. Along with the wordmarks, the logo color scheme includes red, black, and Carolina blue as an accent. Red, having the strongest color presence in the logos, is also the helmet color for the uniforms. Red is also the primary jersey color, which is matched with red, white, or black pants. These pants colors are also matched with the Reapers white jersey. As an alternate, the Reapers sport a Carolina blue jersey, which can be matched with black or white pants.

The first time we expect to see these uniforms in action will be the GSL preseason, slated to kickoff its first week Thursday February 3, 2022, with the first real Sunday game action of the 2022 season slated for February 20, 2022.

Austin Snelick
August 11, 2021