A New Identity for Memphis

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Although the Memphis Comets will no longer be playing football in the GSL, the franchise remains in the city under a new name; the Memphis Demons. We don’t know where the Demons name comes from, but given the Demons are the same franchise as the Comets, just with a new name, I myself am just making up the story that the comet itself landed in Memphis, producing a Demon which curses any team who visit to the Liberty Bowl.

Looking at the logo set for the Demons, we see that the color scheme remains from the days of the Comets, using black, yellow, and shades of orange. Both the primary and secondary logos are symmetrical designs, with horns on either end. The main logo is a Demon head wearing a mask, with an “M”. The secondary logo uses the same “M” for the base of the horns.

The wordmarks for the Demons use the One Slice font. On a neutral background, the wordmark has an outline, and can alternate between black and yellow as the text color, with the opposite color as the outline. On a yellow or black background, the wordmark is solid in black and yellow, opposite of the background color.

The uniforms bring back many design elements as the old Comets. The sleeve stripes are still a triple stripe, but no longer are a gradient. The basic uniform combos of black jersey with either yellow or black pants return, along with the white jersey with yellow or white pants. The helmets maintain their old black color and center stripe, but have the new secondary “M” logo taking the place of the Comet. The GSL logo now resides in the jersey collar and on the pants, in a similar manner as on NFL uniforms. Another similarity with NFL uniforms is the uniform supplier, as Nike is taking over the Demons uniform production. The uniform that stands out the most is the yellow, throwback style alternate. This set calls back to football uniforms of the late 1930s and early 1940s, with the solid color, logoless helmets, simple stripe pattern, bright colored jersey, and stripes running down the legs on the back of the pants, rather than the side.

Lastly, we take a look at the field, which draws much from the Comets fields in 2021. The team is going with a single field design for this season. The stirpes at the 20 yard line remain the same as last year. There are GSL logos on the 25s, much like the NFL field logos. The Demons primary logo is at midfield, while the endzones are black with “DEMONS” in yellow in each endzone.

The Demons will likely kickoff their 2022 campaign Sunday February 20, 2022.

Austin Snelick
August, 12, 2021