Friday the 13th is upon us...

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Its Friday the 13th and the Toronto Terror are releasing a new uni design ? Sounds about right doesn`t it'?

Terror owner Curtis Peddle called a press conference today to announce the release of a revamped Terror logo to go along with 6 new uni designs.

" We really like how these turned out..I think we`ve created a more sinister skull logo and a wide variety of uni designs and helmets that are sure to please our fan base. We are looking , and I expect us to, be more competitive with these designs next season," said Peddle.

The primary home and away feature a three stripe design and skull patch to both sleeves, with a darker purple , which is a color featured on all new designs this season. " I`ve always liked a logo patch I think it gives the jersey a team identity and removes the generic feel of the design", said Peddle.

The team also introduced a scary looking purple alt with jagged shoulder yokes and large skull sleeve patches, and a mono grey alt with a new " TERROR " wordmark helmet. "These are trendy designs and are not the norm..but hey nothings been normal here since I started this team " , he joked.

" We also have a mono white with silver helmet to add a bit of variety to the look. First time we`ve gone mono white with the jersey and pants. I think they`re dandy ! "

When asked to sum it all up..Peddle said simply " We`ll be in the mix next season."

The Terror also introduced an updated logo set, with the major change being to the scull, which looks much more menacing these days.

For KTOR920 am , this is Art Schaefer for Terror Talk, now back to Patty O`Lee and da byes in da

Peddle re enters conference room..says 2nd time !! 2nd time with the mono whites !! Art Don`t you dare write that I said 1st time !!!

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August 13, 2021