Say Hello to the Portland Samurais

Say Hello to the Portland Samurais

GSL football will be headed to Portland in 2022. We’ve known that the Dallas Diesel would be making a move in the offseason, and then, last month, we found out they'd be headed to Portland to play as the Samurais in Providence Park. Now we have some idea of what the team will look like when they take the field in February.

The logo above is a working logo for now, which could be the primary or secondary logo, as a second team logo is in the works. The team wordmark, however, is already in use.

The wordmark makes use of the Japanese 3017 font, with outlines depending on background color. On solid blue or yellow in the team colors, the wordmark has no outline, otherwise, the outline would depend on the background, and main font color.

The team has also finished up uniform designs this week. The primary home uniform will feature a blue jersey with either white or yellow pants, while the secondary home uniform, plus a road option for color vs color games will feature a yellow jersey, with either white or blue pants. The Samurais white jersey can be paired with either yellow or blue pants. The team helmet is something of note, as it draws off the team logo, which features a Samurai in a traditional helmet. The “wings” of the Samurai helmet make their way to the team's football helmet. The helmet, along with the jersey, also include some Japanese characters, “侍”, which translates to Samurai, or Samurai Warrior. The Jersey stripes are reminiscent of the current Carolina Panthers jersey stripes, with the pant stripe also being somewhat similar. Unlike the Panthers though, the jersey foregoes the TV numbers on the shoulders, due to limited space, which, if you’ve seen the tiny awkward looking TV numbers on the Panthers jerseys, then you know the absence of the TV numbers is a good decision.

Lastly, let's take a look at the team’s field designs. Providence Park in Portland is the permanent home of the MLS Portland Timbers, whose season does start later than the GSL season, but the permanent soccer pitch markings would likely still be seen under the football field designs. Providence Park’s football configuration in the past has had thin sidelines, and a standard number font. Onto the Samurais designs. The Samurai logo is placed at midfield, with GSL and Western Conference logos at the 25 yard lines. For most field designs, the endzones have either a blue or yellow background, with the wordmark in the opposite colors. On either side of the wordmark, we see the team’s Japanese characters. The alternate team field uses a classic checkerboard pattern in the endzones, alternating with blue and yellow.

There are plans for a possible additional field design, depending on the adoption of a second team logo. Time will tell if we see another by the 2022 season’s start.

Austin Snelick
August 17, 2021