Cincinnati, Oakland, Washington Announce Alternate Uniforms

Cincinnati, Oakland, Washington Announce Alternate Uniforms

Today is a busy day with some official announcements of some new alternate uniforms for the Cincinnati Knights, Oakland Icons, and Washington Stars.

Cincinnati Knights

Let’s start with the Knights, who’ve made a couple other changes to their four uniform sets from last year based on new features in their alternate set from this year.

Starting from the top, we see a new helmet design, which will only be used for the Knights alternate uniform, as the standard helmet remains for the other sets. The helmet features a chainmail pattern as a stripe, and the Knights wordmark across the helmet. The biggest diversion from all GSL uniforms in use thus far, is the jersey front, with the Knights using their alternate shield logo in the place of numbers, with the numbers being placed on the upper chest. This uniform style most closely resembles uniforms of the UWFFLs La Liga teams, or in the NFL, going back to the Steelers 1994 throwback uniforms, which had the Pittsburgh city crest front and center on the jersey. The chainmail pattern is also used on the sleeve cuffs, and more noticeably, as a background pattern to the pants stripe, under the team’s sword logo. The chainmail sleeve cuffs and pants stripe are all now featured on the teams four uniform sets from last season. Black, which has been used as an alternate color for the Knights, is used to make stripes from the color on the front and back of the jersey to the sleeve cuffs. The chainmail pattern can also be found on the Knights alternate field design.

The endzone logos remain the same as the normal field, but they are overlaid on a chainmail pattern, with a black outline bordering the sidelines.

Oakland Icons

Many of the same uniform combos from last year carry over into 2022 for the Icons, with minor changes, which are also on the team’s two new alternate uniforms.

The Icons’ two new uniforms for 2022 feature ties to the city of Oakland, and the State of California. The Oakland themed uniform has much to do with the team they share a stadium with, the Oakland Athletics of baseball’s American league. The uniform features green and athletic gold, to match the colors of the A’s. The Oakland chest wordmark is of course a direct tie to the city, differing from their typical Icons wordmark. Inside the collar reads “Team of the Bay”, as, just like the A’s, the Icons are a team of the San Francisco Bay area, through 2024, when both teams’ leases on the Colosseum will end. The stadium will likely be demolished after that season, so this uniform could be a good tie in for the final seasons each team spends together in the same stadium, if the A’s make a move out of the city, to Las Vegas, or another suitable city, if a new stadium in Oakland doesn’t get built.

Oaklands second new alternate uniform is a tribute to the state of California, as the Icons are one of three California based teams. The helmet design is based on the flag of California, with a red star sitting front and center, with a California grizzly bear, from the state flag on either side of the helmet. Mirroring the flag, the jersey is white, and the pants are red, following the white upper field on the flag, and red lower bar. The California wordmark on the text is the same font as used on the state’s flag. The jersey contains brown and black, pulling from the colors of the bear and text in the flag.

The other feature to take note of on the new alternate uniforms is the addition of TV numbers on the shoulders, which were not present in the Icons 2021 uniform sets. For 2022, all Icons jerseys will feature TV numbers on the shoulders, in place of the swirls found in the Icons logo, which were on the jersey shoulders last season.

Washington Stars

Like the Icons, the Stars are introducing two new uniforms which tie into certain local themes. The Washington Stars uniform designer, ARS Designs, were given the task from the Stars front office to provide a District of Columbia uniform set with a matching field design, plus a military themed uniform and field for a military appreciation day, and for use in the 2022 GSL Memorial Day Classic, which will be hosted by the Stars at FedEx Field this May. The Stars' old alternate “Old Glory” uniforms are being dropped in 2022.

The first uniform is based on the flag of Washington, DC. The shade of red on the uniform comes directly from the District’s flag. The helmet features a modified Stars DC logo, including three stars above the DC logo, to mimic the three stars on the DC flag. Throughout the uniform, there is the use of two red stripes, which are found on the DC flag. The Stars wordmark and logo are found on the jerseys inside collar and on the chest as a patch respectively, to directly identify the uniform with the Washington Stars.

The Stars new military appreciation uniform follows a military theme, with the camo pattern using swatches currently used for the US Army combat uniforms. The main helmet, jersey and pants colors used come directly from the camo pattern. Both the helmet and pants sport a wide camo stripe, with the pattern also being used on the facemask, sleeves, inste the numbers, jersey collar, pants belt, socks, and shoes. The Stars logo can be found on the helmet, following the uniforms color schema, along with the Stars wordmark on the helmet. The helmet also features six decals that honor all six US military branches.

The new field designs for the Stars follow closely to the new uniforms, for the games those uniforms will be worn. The DC themed field uses the same shade of red found on the uniforms, along with the three star DC logo. The military appreciation day field (also to be used for the 2022 GSL Memorial Day Classic) uses the same camo pattern as on the uniforms in the Stars wordmark, plus the same colors featured on the uniforms.

There are still a few more teams who have yet to complete team designs for 2022, and with 7 new expansion teams joining the league starting September 1st, there are plenty of new uniforms just around the corner.

Austin Snelick
August 24, 2021