GSL Expansion 2022

GSL Expansion 2022

The GSL will be open to accept applications for new expansion teams, starting tomorrow, September 1st, at midnight Eastern time. This will be the second season in the row that the GSL is expecting a major expansion to the number of teams in the league. After the 2020 trial season, the number of teams in the GSL grew from 6 to 24 for the 2021 season. With the first full season being a success, the GSL is ready to welcome 7 new teams, and 3 new owners for existing franchises, bringing the league up to 32 teams for the 2022 season.

Interested in owning a GSL franchise in the 2022 season? Here’s what you need to know.

Starting at midnight tonight (US Eastern time zone), you can submit a franchise application to .

What is required of a franchise application?
All that will be accepted in a franchise application is the city you would like to base your team (please reference the accepted cities list), the name of your team, and what you would like your name to be listed as on the GSL website as the owner. Please, do not send any team designs, as your team will need to be given primary approval of the initial franchise application first.

Available teams will be first come first serve. If you choose a city for your team that another individual has already chosen, you will get the first option at other available cities on the accepted cities list.

Once your initial franchise application has been approved, you may start working on team designs. You will have until January 2022 to complete team designs, so PLEASE take your time, and use the many resources that will be available to you. The concepts forum at is a great place to get feedback on team designs. Also, there are many good team designers here in the GSL that would love to give feedback or help as well. If you are not into designing a team, and are more into owning a team, there are three franchises that have full team designs available for new ownership in 2022.

Each new GSL owner for the 2022 season will be required to pay a franchise fee in order to be given full acceptance into the GSL. For new owners, the franchise fee is $20. This amount will change in following years as an owner (no more than $4 for 2023 if you return to the GSL). For new owners, your franchise fee must be paid within two months of your initial franchise application approval, or by January 1, 2022 (whichever comes first). Once this deadline has passed, your franchise slot will be open to other prospective owners, and the expansion team will be first come first serve to whoever pays the franchise fee first. Franchise fees can be paid to the Gridiron Uniform Database PayPal at: . For other payment options, please email us at .

If you have any further questions about owning a GSL franchise, please contact us at .

The following cities / metropolitan areas will be available to 2022 GSL expansion teams, with the following requirements needed to be met:

BirminghamALTeam's home field would be at brand new Protective Stadium
BostonMAMust be a team in either Boston or New York for the 2022 season
ChicagoILMust be a team in either Chicago or Minneapolis for the 2022 season
DallasTXRequired to have a team for 2022 to replace the Dallas Diesel
Kansas CityMO 
MinneapolisMNMust be a team in either Chicago or Minneapolis for the 2022 season
New YorkNYMust be a team in either Boston or New York for the 2022 season
Oklahoma CityOKNearest suitable stadium would be in Norman, OK

The following teams will be available for purchase by a new owner with the team's current city, name, logo, uniform, and field designs:

CityTeam NameOwnerNotes
Los AngelesExpress??????Not yet claimed by an owner for 2022
LouisianaRoyals??????Not yet claimed by an owner for 2022
St. LouisBrewers??????Not yet claimed by an owner for 2022

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August 31, 2021