Updated Logo for the Baltimore Bluebirds

Updated Logo for the Baltimore Bluebirds

The Baltimore Bluebirds have finally confirmed their team designs for the 2022 season, with a big change to the logo, which has been completely redone.

The Bluebirds new logo features a more lifelike bird, which pays tribute to the origins of the Bluebirds name, which was chosen in about as simple a manner as can be. I (Austin Snelick, commissioner of the GSL), one morning back in September 2020, when the league had not been announced, asked my wife, Case (owner of the Baltimore Bluebirds), if she wanted a team in the new simulation league I was going to start. Looking out our kitchen window, there just so happened to be a Bluebird, and with Baltimore being the closest city to our house, the Baltimore Bluebirds were born.

Let’s take a look at the new logo, shall we?

The primary logo has changed from the cartoony bird, to a more lifelike bird, perched on top of a football. This logo is a callback to some of your more old timey bird sports logos, like the Chicago Cardinals. The secondary team logo excludes the football, and has a main use on the Bluebirds helmets. Team ownership decided to move away from the cartoony bird, and towards a more lifelike bird, for the athstetics. The Cartoony bird itself could make a return down the road, but certainly with upgrades to the logo itself, in the years to come. But for now, the logo has been retired after only a single season of use.

There has also been a minor change in the team wordmark as well. The shadow, present in last year's wordmark has been removed, to give the script a simpler look.

The new script is used on the uniforms and field. The other minor change to the uniforms is the use of the ARS makers mark, as they are the uniform provider for the Bluebirds. The biggest change to the uniforms is the updated logo on the helmet.

Ownership believes that the new logo gives the helmet a much cleaner and elegant look, which fits better with the team wordmark.

Finally, with the new logo comes updated field designs.

The new team logo is placed at midfield. The team is also using an unpainted endzone for some games this season, with last year’s standard blue endzone, with orange wordmark design returning. The blue endzone with blue wordmark field will not be coming back for the 2022 season.

With the design changes for the Bluebirds also comes an organizational change. Although Casey Snelick will remain the owner of the team, the GM duties, (which in this league means choosing uniforms and fields from week to week), will fall onto Connor Snelick (brother of yours truly). Like the Lightning, the Bluebirds may have some unreleased designs approved by the league, which we may see during the 2022 season.

Austin Snelick
September 20, 2021