A Fresh Start for Birmingham

A Fresh Start for Birmingham

In the past couple of weeks the GSL has welcomed four new expansion franchises: the Birmingham Owls, Boston Bobcats, New York CityHawks, and the Chicago Maroons. Birmingham, the largest city in Alabama, with an abundance of passionate football fans, is yet again being awarded a pro football team. Let me introduce to you the Birmingham Owls. We have seen pro teams come and go from Birmingham in recent years, with spring football leagues, with the two recent examples being the Birmingham Thunderbolts from the 2001 XFL and the Birmingham Iron from the AAF in 2019. Now, with the GSL, Birmingham has a new team in the Owls, who plan to stay in the city longer than just a single season, with the future of the GSL looking bright.

Birmingham’s colors are gray, yellow, and black. Their uniforms take inspiration from the Patriots former color rush uniforms, now full time uniforms as of the 2020 NFL season. The helmets are yellow with grey facemask and the team’s secondary logo. The home uniforms are all grey with yellow numbers, and a black outline. TV numbers are on the side of each sleeve on the jersey. The final piece is the black and yellow stripes on top of the jersey, over the shoulders. The away uniform is the same except for all white, grey and yellow stripes. The color rush uniform is all yellow. Lastly, the black uniform is planned to debut on special nights throughout the season.

Birmingham has different field designs ready for the 2022 season. The main difference in each field is the background enzone color, with one field with grey endzones, one yellow, and one black. All of the field designs are planned to match the uniform set Birmingham will be wearing during games.

The city is excited to have another professional spring football team once again, with a new start at brand new Protective Stadium.

Nolan Lafrance
September 24, 2021