New Throwback Looks for the Cabras

New Throwback Looks for the Cabras

The Colorado Cabras have finalized team designs for the 2022 season, which includes a few new looks. The throwbacks are in response to the success of the team’s throwback uniforms worn last season, both times the team played in Fort Collins. For 2022, the white throwback uniform will get a buddy, in a blue throwback uniform, quite similar to the designs as last season’s white uniform.

In addition to throwback uniforms, the Cabras are also adding other related throwback designs, including logos, wordmarks, and a throwback field design.

The throwback logo and wordmarks certainly hit the mark, reminiscent of many college mascot designs of yesteryear.

The team has also released a planned throwback field design for next season. Of the three home sites for the Cabras, the field design looks like it will be used in Denver, at Empower Field, based on the number font. The endzone diamonds are also similar in size and style to the Denver Broncos throwback field in celebration of the teams 50th season, back in 2009.

Ownership has been enthusiastic about the team design additions for this season, as well as fans. Team owner, Spencer Gillard, released the following statement upon the unveiling of the throwback designs last week.

"We truly believe we have the best fans in the league, their support and enthusiasm is unparalleled, remarkable and inspirational, and while the Cabras strive to always be forward-thinking and innovative, we could not overlook the fact that so many of our fans, as well as several other organizations around the GSL, have voiced their strong support and love for our throwback uniform released last year, and for the 2022 season we are very pleased and excited to announce that we have added a second throwback uniform. We hope our fans enjoy celebrating our legacy and history with this new alternate jersey. Mover Montañas, Cabras!"

Colorado is set to play a few games across the state again this coming season, and like last year, it should be fair to expect the team will wear throwbacks in one of the alternate site games. With the throwback field design tailored to Empower Field in Denver, we should also expect a throwback game in Denver at some point this season.

Austin Snelick
November 16, 2021