The GSL Welcomes the Vancouver Bears

The GSL Welcomes the Vancouver Bears

The GSL rounded off the league with the 32nd, and final team, earlier this month by accepting the Vancouver Bears into the league. The Bears will be the league's second team based in Canada. Earlier in the offseason, during the expansion process, the league had announced that Vancouver had become a city required to have one of the seven new expansion franchises. This would give the GSL a second team based in Canada, in one of Canada's largest markets, while playing in the Western Conference (the Toronto Terror, the other Canadian team, play in the Eastern Conference).

The Bears team name and colors, of green, red, and silver, were decided on by fan vote, and fit perfectly into the region. The team’s primary logo features a front facing, feice bear head, while the secondary logo represents Canada, being a maple leaf.

Vancouver wil sport one primary color jersey, and one primary white jersey, which can be paired with either white, silver, or green pants. For all uniforms, the Bears will be using a silver helmet.

The Bears will also be feilding two alternate uniforms, one, is an all green version of the home set (using their standard silver helmet). The team’s second alternate uniform is themed around the maple leaf logo, having a white jersey and white pants, with the jersey shoulders being red, and the pants stripes also being red. The silver helmet on this set will use the secondary maple leaf logo.

The Bears have released two possible field designs to be used throughout the 2022 season. The team’s main field design uses the primary Bears logo at midfield, with the wordmark in the endzones, having the GSL logo to its left, and the Western Conference logo to its right. A second field design looks like it will be paired with the Bears alternate uniform set. This field features the maple leaf logo at midfield, as a white outline of the logo, and “VANCOUVER” in both endzones, in the same font as used in the team wordmark.

We will first see the Vancouver Bears in action at home February 4, 2022 when they take on the Louisiana Royals at home to kick off the preseason.

Austin Snelick
November 23, 2021