GSL in Dallas: Take 2

GSL in Dallas: Take 2

With the Dallas Diesel making it pretty clear they’d be leaving the metroplex late in the 2021 season, the future of GSL football became quite unclear. The league would be losing a team from one of their largest football markets, which did have successful attendance numbers, despite the stadium issues during the season. However, before the Diesel moved to Portland, the league had announced an expansion of the league to include seven new teams, rounding off the league at 32 teams. With the list of pre-approved expansion cities given by the league, it was a requirement for one new franchise to reclaim Dallas, Texas.

On the first day of accepting expansion franchise bids, the new Dallas ownership group jumped right at the opportunity, and were one of the first new teams to put in their expansion paperwork (although this had gotten lost on it’s way to the league for 18 days, which is an odd story in itself). In the end, everything worked out, and an enthusiastic new team got to work.

The team first released its new name and team colors. In our interview with team owner, Jason Thyrion, we got a few tidbits about the establishment of the team.

"It's next to impossible to not use some kind of Old West term for a Dallas-Based team” said Jason, “ I don't know how the Diesel managed it. At any rate, I dismissed Rangers as being too obvious, then Marshalls, and was starting to consider Lawmen when I stumbled upon the term Regulators. Granted, the name has much more in common with New Mexico than Texas, but the name really clicked, giving the identity an edge that the others simply couldn't. A strange mixture of Lawman and Desperado, that's the sort of attitude that I want the team to personify out on the field.”

The team name certainly does bring a new spin on the western themed sports names, as it’s not one seen used in sports, but it does immediately bring up images of the old west themes.

The Regulators have colors of forest green, gold, and silver, which is a refreshing and unique color combo in the league. About the colors, Dallas ownership had the following comments.

“The gold is really meant to be a yellower, healthier brand of gold compared to the dead kinds used by the 49ers and Saints- it actually comes from the Numbers/Pants that the Saints had for home throwbacks at one point. Also, the Forest Green was originally meant to be Brown, but had to be changed when another team changed their design and took the general idea away.”

          Dallas Regulators official team colors.

So, some interesting bits of information there. We can speculate that the team changing its color scheme might have been the Kansas City Buffaloes, which had gone for a more brown themed look once new ownership had claimed the expansion team in mid October.

The main reason for the Diesel leaving the city of Dallas behind was due to some stadium conflicts with AT&T stadium in Arlington. For this reason, the GSL has mandated that the expansion franchise coming to Dallas for the 2022 season would have to either use the Cotton Bowl, or Globe Life Park as the designated home stadium in 2022, playing at least 6 home games at one of those venues. The Regulators chose to go with the larger Cotton Bowl, which did a good job hosting several Diesel games last season. The league did have the option for the Regulators to play at most three home games outside of the Cotton Bowl, and the Regulators were able to work out three of the teams biggest games with AT&T stadium. Ownership had the following to say about the team’s stadium situation moving forward.

“While the Regulators' main venue is the Cotton Bowl, AT&T Stadium has still reached out to host a few of the most important games on the team's schedule. Most notably contests between the defending champion Arizona Eagles, the runner-up and relocated Carolina Reapers, and in-state rival San Antonio Texans. In the event that the team earns its way into the good graces of AT&T, the plan will be to continue to host games at the Cotton Bowl as a secondary venue, as thanks for supplying the team with an initial home.”

It is expected that as the team and the league resolve the conflicting stadium issues from last season, that the Regulators would be able to move into AT&T Stadium as it’s primary home stadium for the 2023 season.

With the venues squared away, how will the Regulators look on the field? The team, as of yesterday, have finalized team designs, so let's dive in.

The team logo immediately brings up images of lawmakers, or enforcers of the old west. Before the team logo was revealed, a logo looking very much like this is exactly what I would have expected.

The team wordmark certainly has a unique flair, giving a more retro look with the italicised western letters, with a drop shadow, and a line gradient within the letters.

The uniforms for 2022 will feature a green helmet with a gold facemask, and the primary logo. There are two jerseys used for this season, one green, and the other white. There will be three pants to combo with the jerseys: gold, green, and silver, giving the Regulators three overall uniform combinations, all of which will use the same striped green socks.

Lastly, we get to the fields. The field design at both venues will be about the same. The Regulators wordmark in a green endzone, and the logo at midfield.

With the Regulators releasing their full set of team designs yesterday we are already seeing #MOUNTUP trending on Twitter. This could also have something to do with some rumors surrounding the team, of which ownership had the following statement.

“Rumors of rapper Warren G being hired to sing the National Anthem for the opening Home Game, or of Emilio Estevez being hired as the Stadium PA, are of this moment unfounded.”

At any rate, there is much excitement about the new GSL team in Dallas, which is only building as the season moves ever closer.

Austin Snelick, Jason Thyrion
December 7, 2021