2022 South Division Preview

2022 South Division Preview

Western Conference

South Division

This South division is a division of haves and have nots. This will be a two team race to the division title, while the other two teams may be competing for the better draft pick in the offseason. That kind of competition could put the South division’s top team in a position to make a play at the top seed in the conference.

Albuquerque Atoms
Offense: average
Defense: poor
Overall: poor
The Atoms defense, which was a strong point for them last season, is what’s going to let them down this season. The offense improved, but the defense took a big step backwards. With some of the other competition in this division, this could be a tough year for Albuquerque. It will be up to the offense to win Albuquerque games in 2022.

Arizona Eagles
Offense: poor
Defense: good
Overall: average
The reigning champs come into 2022 with a downgraded offense, but an improved defense. The Eagles are going to have to rely on the old mantra that defense wins championships, if they are looking for a repeat. Expect the Eagles to be in contention for the division title this season, as this division will be a two team race.

Dallas Regulators
Offense: poor
Defense: average
Overall: poor
Dallas has replaced one bad team with another. The expansion Regulators aren’t starting with much as they begin their first season. There’s really nothing on offense to get excited about, but there are some young defensive playmakers on the edge that could excite and keep this team in games. Ultimately, there is a difference between being in a game, and winning a game. 2022 will be a tough introduction to the league for the Regulators.

San Antonio Texans
Offense: good
Defense: average
Overall: good
The Texans will be the team in the South division that will compete with Arizona. San Antonio had a successful 2021 season by all accounts. They won their Wild Card matchup against the Cabras, but couldn’t quite keep up with the eventual champion Eagles in the Divisional round. Now, in the same division as the Eagles, the Texans have strengthened their defense, to pair with their already good offense. The Texans may still give up points, but they should fare better than last season. Week 1 looms huge as a revenge game in Arizona, giving the winner a good head start in this two team race for the South division title.

Austin Snelick
January 12, 2022