2023 Memorial Day Classic Logo Unveiled

2023 Memorial Day Classic Logo Unvailed

The logo for the 2023 Memorial Day Classic, to be hosted by the Dallas Regulators, will recycle a design initially created for the 2022 Memorial Day Classic. The 2022 Memorial Day Classic was hosted by the Washington Stars in the 2022 season with two concepts in consideration. The logo depicting the United States Capital Building was chosen in a close decision made by the GSL team owners.

The original logo was colored red, white and blue with a large star for the Washington Stars and included the Washington Monument. Although it was not the logo used for the 2022 game, it was still popular enough to be used for the 2023 Classic with the idea to have the then unnamed Dallas franchise to host the game.

Wisconsin Stags owner Patrick Davis is quoted as saying, "These are both really good. I think you could make (it) the logo for next year if you make the game in Dallas, because it seems very Dallas, if it's just modified to not have the monument and just the year at the top. If I could vote (it) for Dallas 2023 I would."

With the tie-breaking vote, Seattle Sockeyes owner Tim Dixon seconded the idea, "I'm going to vote for this. Entry 1 for 2022, entry 2 for 2023. They're both really good, and only two people entered, so both can win. You're welcome for complicating this further."

The league office consulted with both logo designers to come to the decision to use the "Capital" logo in 2022 and a modified "Star" logo in 2023.

The logo has been changed to a color scheme of green, gold, and silver in honor of the host Regulators and retains the large silver star, now encircled in gold; this is a nod to the Regulators' logo designed from a regulator's badge from the old west.

The circle houses the year "2023" in regulator font with seven stars to represent the 7 largest cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex; Dallas, Forth Worth, Arlington, Plano, Garland, Irving and Frisco.

The logo also includes the GSL abbreviation mark recolored to the Regulators team colors, and "CLASSIC" written in the aforementioned regulators font on a ribbon across the bottom of the main star.

The 2023 Memorial Day Classic, the 3rd installment the league has held since its second season, will take place at either AT&T Stadium in Arlington or the Cotton Bowl in Dallas on May 29, 2023. The Regulators' opponent will be determined when the 2023 league schedule is revealed during the 2022 NFL season.

Richard Bronish
May 31, 2022