Wild Card Playoffs Preview - 2022

Wild Card Playoffs Preview - 2022

Saturday July 2, 2022 - 1:00PM
(7) Cincinnati Knights at (2) Louisiana Royals
Line: EVEN
O/U: 46
Win Pct: LOU 50.1%
In one of three division matchups on Wild Card Weekend, the Cincinnati Knights, who stumbled their way into the postseason, will face off against the Louisiana Royals, who are one of the hottest teams entering the playoffs, having won 6 straight en route to the Central Division title and the 2 seed in the Eastern Conference. The Knights had themselves in good position in the division after a 6-3 start, but they finished the season 3-6 and have really been playing poorly for the most part. In both games against the Royals, the Knights have been outmatched. I don’t see that changing for this game, especially with a great playoff atmosphere expected in the Superdome.

Saturday July 2, 2022 - 4:30PM
(5) San Diego Breakers at (4) Oakland Icons
Line: SD -0.5
O/U: 44
Win Pct: SD 51.0%
San Diego may be playing their best football of the season at the right time, and they have a chance to make some moves here in the postseason. But first, they must get past the Icons in Oakland, who gave the Breakers a run for their money in week 1. The key of the Icons is that they matchup well against the Breakers. The Breakers are where they are after winning several close games, but many, including their week 1 matchup against the Icons, could have easily gone the other way. Oakland will have to find a way to make the game changing play that tips the scales in their favor, in what is likely to be a close game.

Saturday July 2, 2022 - 8:15PM
(6) Dallas Regulators at (3) Arizona Eagles
Line: ARZ -2.5
O/U: 39.5
Win Pct: ARZ 57.1%
Is the third time the charm for the Regulators? The Eagles have had their number, as they have won easily in each matchup against Dallas this season. Arizona is going to be a tough out this postseason, as they defend their title as Gridiron Bowl champions. They know how to win in a big spot, and that may be their biggest advantage in this one.

Sunday July 3, 2022 - 4:00PM
(7) Los Angeles Express at (2) Las Vegas Outlaws
Line: LA -4.5
O/U: 43
Win Pct: LA 62.0%
Of all the matchups Las Vegas could have gotten this weekend, I’m sure this is the one they dreaded most. The Outlaws have been able to handle the Breakers, and they would have matched up well against the Regulators, but the Express have the ability to take down the Outlaws' strength, their defense. Las Vegas is one of just three teams to give up less than 300 points throughout the season, and in an 8 game win streak in the middle of the season, this defense was immovable. However, some injuries on the defensive side of the ball in the secondary have put some cracks in their defense. The Express have the QB to exploit that, hence the bettors favoring LA. Either way, this should be another great divisional showdown this weekend.

Sunday July 3, 2022 - 7:30PM
(5) Louisville Lightning at (4) Toronto Terror
Line: EVEN
O/U: 52.5
Win Pct: LSV 50.3%
Through 7 weeks, the Lightning were undefeated, and the Terror were 2-5. Louisville took some injuries on both the offensive and defensive fronts that have really weakened the team at their core, but they still have a lot of talent on offense at the skill positions, and that may be enough for a good playoff run. The Terror are a team that is getting healthly at the right time. They took some bad losses early on in the year, but their core of young players are starting to work well together. They finished the year 6-3 after their bye week, which includes wins against three playoff teams, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and the Lightning themselves. Toronto has the offensive firepower to go toe to toe with the Lightning, and this matchup is one of the better ones they could have asked for this weekend. The line is showing an even matchup, and a high scoring game, and I’d expect just that.

Monday July 4, 2022 - 2:30PM
(6) New York CityHawks at (3) Carolina Reapers
Line: EVEN
O/U: 50
Win Pct: CAR 50.5%
Carolina has had a decent year, winning just one less game than New York, and they had the second hardest schedule of any team in the Eastern Conference playoff field. This team can put up points, but their defense is just as good as giving up points to the opposing team. New York has had the second easiest strength of schedule coming into the Eastern Conference playoffs, and when faced with a real test, they have often lost. They have also lost to the Reapers in a high scoring matchup earlier this season. I expect this game to give July 4th some mid-day fireworks, as both offenses will be racing to put up more points than the other in this close contested matchup.

Austin Snelick
June 30, 2022