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2023 Albuquerque Atoms

2022 Albuquerque Atoms

2021 Albuquerque Atoms

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2023 Team Bio

Team Name: Albuquerque Atoms

Year Founded: 2021

Current Owner: Greg Seher

Owner Bio:

Greg has been an avid fan of sports uniforms ever since receiving a John Offerdahl starting lineup figure as a kid. He prefers only white and gray baseball uniforms, and thinks baseball teams should always wear their city name on their road grays (except for the Phillies). He despises mono color jerseys and pants in the NFL. And thinks more pro sports franchises should embrace colors like green and orange rather than the abundance of blues, red, and black. His concepts for the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA D1 football, and NBA can be found at the links below.


Current Logos:
Albuquerque Atoms Logo
Current Wordmark:
Albuquerque Atoms Wordmark
Current Uniform Combinations:


Current Field Designs:


2022 Team Bio

2022 Team Name: Albuquerque Atoms

2022 Owner: Greg Seher

2022 Logos:
Albuquerque Atoms Logo
2022 Wordmark:
Albuquerque Atoms Wordmark
2022 Uniform Combinations:


2022 Field Designs:


2021 Team Bio

2021 Team Name: Albuquerque Atoms

2021 Owner: Greg Seher

2021 Logos:
Albuquerque Atoms Logo
2021 Wordmark:
Albuquerque Atoms Wordmark
2021 Uniform Combinations:


2021 Field Designs: