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2024 Miami Sol

2023 Miami Sol

2022 Miami Sol

2021 Miami Sol

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2024 Team Bio

Team Name: Miami Sol

Year Founded: 2021

Current Owner: John Nelson

Owner Bio:

John is a frequent contributor to the GridIron Fields Database, developed the USFL Fields Datsbase, and helped develop the current field template in use for the site. A diehard Detroit Lions fan, he is a sketch artist and in school he always was drawing something sports related. A US Army veteran currently living in Phoenix, AZ. He works for The Home Depot Virtual Contact Center and is certified with the Arizona Interschollastic Association as a High School Football and Baseball official.

Current Logos:
Miami Sol Logo
Current Wordmark:
Miami Sol Wordmark
Current Uniform Combinations:


Current Field Designs:


2023 Team Bio

2023 Team Name: Miami Sol

2023 Owner: John Nelson

2023 Logos:
Miami Sol Logo
2023 Wordmark:
Miami Sol Wordmark
2023 Uniform Combinations:


2023 Field Designs:


2022 Team Bio

2022 Team Name: Miami Sol

2022 Owner: John Nelson

2022 Logos:
Miami Sol Logo
2022 Wordmark:
Miami Sol Wordmark
2022 Uniform Combinations:


2022 Field Designs:


2021 Team Bio

2021 Team Name: Miami Sol

2021 Owner: John Nelson

2021 Logos:
Miami Sol Logo
2021 Wordmark:
Miami Sol Wordmark
2021 Uniform Combinations:


2021 Field Designs: