Firsts in the NFL and in NFL Broadcast History

Friday, September 18, 1931 - 8:15PM
at Loyola University Stadium, Chicago, IL
First NFL night game in Chicago.
Friday, October 2, 1931 - 8:30PM
at Frankford Stadium, Philadelphia, PA
First NFL night game in Philadelphia.
Sunday, December 18, 1932 - 9:15PM
at Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL
Game moved to Chicago Stadium due to blizzard.
First indoor NFL game.
Field shortened to 80 yards in length and played under modified rules.

Sunday, December 23, 1951 - 4:00PM
at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, CA
First NFL Championship Game to be televised live from coast to coast
Sunday, August 28, 1955 - 11:00PM
at Multnomah Stadium, Portland, OR
First NFL game to feature sudden-death overtime.
The field yard lines were marked from zero to 100 instead of the traditional goal lines to the 50.
Sunday, September 17, 1961 - 2:35PM
Chicago Bears  13  vs
at Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington, MN
First game for expansion franchise Minnesota
First game for Minnesota head coach Norm Van Brocklin

Friday, August 24, 1962 - 9:00PM
Denver Broncos  27  vs
Dallas Texans  24  OT
at Farrington Field, Fort Worth, TX
First AFL game to feature sudden-death overtime.
Saturday, December 25, 1971 - 1:00PM
Dallas Cowboys  20  vs
at Metropolitan Stadium, Bloomington, MN
CBS - Jack Whitaker, Irv Cross,
Dick Stockton
First NFL game played on Christmas

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