Uni Watch - The grand-daddy of all sites of our genre, Uni Watch is the place to follow daily news of athletic aesthetics of all types. Paul Lukas, Phil Hecken and the rest of the Uni Watch gang keep tabs on everything that's going on in the world of sports uniforms and related ephemera. Daily blog comments at Uni Watch regularly reach into the hundreds, so why don't you join in on the fun as well?

Football Uniforms: Past and Present - Craig Wheeler's original Football Uniforms: Past and Present was the forerunner of our own GUD. It ceased being updated after the 2003 NFL Season, remained online but inactive for over a decade before it was removed completely. With the blessings of Craig Wheeler, himself, along with the assistance of Lynn "WierdWolf" Schmidt who kept the site online for nearly a decade and provided us with the original images of FUPP, we present the original football uniform web site for the nostalgic amongst you.

Dressed To The Nines - The most complete database of Major League Baseball uniforms on the web, Dressed To The Nines is run by the Baseball Hall of Fame website.

The 506 - Want to know what game is on TV? The 506 is the most comprehesive site around when it comes to displays of what game is going to be aired on what channel.

The Hockey Uniform Database - This is the website to visit if you are looking for a complete database of NHL sweaters.

Historical Football Kits - Ditto for soccer football.

Footy Jumpers - Ditto for Australian Rules Football. - Chris Creamer's is regarded as the most complete collection of sports logos anywhere on the internet. They also have a forum where you can discuss all about sports logos and sports in general.

Vintage Football Card Gallery - The Vintage Football Card Gallery contains thousands of pictures of football cards and related collectibles dating back to 1888. If you like football cards, this is the site for you.

Bill's Sports Maps - This website, made by Bill Turianski, has some of the best hand-drawn maps of teams and leagues from many different sports around the world anywhere on the internet. We are proud to be associated with Bill's wonderful site, and in the future you may see our team graphics show up in wonderful images like this.

PigskinDispatch - This website, founded by Darin Hayes, was created to allow a safe place for football fans of all ages to be able to have an outlet for positive news about football related people and issues. The site is complemented by having deep historic content of the game within it too.